Fare is a new magazine exploring food, history, and community in rich, complex cities. Our debut issue, on Istanbul, is now on sale.

A new magazine exploring city culture through food, history, and community.



Issue 1: Istanbul

Fare begins in Istanbul, a stunning metropolis uniquely poised across two continents; an imperial capital to three sprawling empires, the city has been shaped and reshaped by a wholly unique mix of migrant cultures spanning from Eastern Europe into North Africa and the Middle East.Istanbul continues to change amidst a challenging political climate, and the city's vibrant culture is a mirror into its many pasts and the peoples who’ve called it home—not just now, but over the last two millennia. 

The locals who direct you through Issue 1 are some of Istanbul's finest artists, musicians, chefs, writers, and historians. With them, you'll reach into the city's near and distant pasts, explore rich forgotten desserts, ancient shadow-arts, centuries-old urban gardens, vibrant workmans' eateries, the city's most controversial coffeehouses, and the groove of traditional Turkish melodies.

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Fare: A new sort of city journal


Fare connects armchair travelers with immersive and nuanced stories from cities around the world, and serves as a kind of roadmap for those who are ready to make the actual trip to see things for themselves.

Fare introduces its readers to a single city and lets its locals do the talking: taking you down backstreets and through forgotten histories, exploring neighbourhoods and local institutions, and doing more than just taste the food on offer.


One of Fare's jobs is to educate and excite you about its featured city. As with all future issues, Fare's Issue 1 begins with a thematic crash course, an introduction for beginners and a refresher for Istanbul-lovers. Through the crash course you'll learn the essence of what makes Istanbul the city it is today (and throughout the past). At the end of the volume you'll find a glossary full of local terms and histories. 


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