Recurring Fare Subscription (starting from Issue 4: Seoul)

Recurring Fare Subscription (starting from Issue 4: Seoul)

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Subscriptions to Fare will begin with Issue 4: Seoul, now shipping!

In Fare's fourth issue we journey to Seoul, where a mid-century miracle swept this small historic city into a twenty-first century megalopolis.

Seoul is a city rooted in ancient memory, faith, and tradition. Thoughtful consideration flavours social relationships and every interaction from the corner shop to the boardroom. Glimmering all-night shopping districts—clustered with street food carts and cafes—offer a surreal shopping experience for the city’s most nocturnal. Meanwhile, in industrial back-alleys, improvised eateries grill regional specialties, and noodle houses serve up Northern-rooted classics so beloved, that they facilitate peaceful political dialogue. Heavily inspired by Western ideals, Seoul is an easy, inviting gateway into Korean culture, and an ultra-modern city ready to surpass expectations.

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Specs: 170mm x 240mm, ~186 pages, lithographically printed on Arctic matt and Cyclus Offset stock; perfect bound.

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