One Year Subscription (Begins with Issue 1: Istanbul)

One Year Subscription (Begins with Issue 1: Istanbul)


*A one year subscription to Fare includes two issues featuring distinctly different cities.*


Issue 1:

Istanbul is a stunning metropolis uniquely poised across two continents; an imperial capital to three sprawling empires, the city has been shaped and reshaped by a wholly unique mix of migrant cultures spanning from Eastern Europe into North Africa and the Middle East.

Fare Issue 1: Istanbul is a collection of stories, vignettes, and beautiful imagery, bringing you on a well-rounded, inspiring, and insightful journey into the heart of the city like no other guide or magazine can.

In Fare's Issue 1 you'll be led through the beautiful winding streets of Istanbul by some of the city's finest artists, musicians, chefs, writers, and historians. With them, you'll reach into the city's near and distant pasts, explore rich forgotten desserts, ancient shadow-arts, centuries-old urban gardens, vibrant workmans' eateries, the city's most controversial coffeehouses, and the groove of traditional Turkish melodies. 

Specs: 170mm x 240mm, 196 pages, lithographically printed on Arctic matt and Cyclus Offset stock; perfect bound.

Issue 2: (Location TBA), will ship in Q4 2017.

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