Order Issue 3: Charleston & Issue 4 (TBD)

Order Issue 3: Charleston & Issue 4 (TBD)


*This package deal is especially for readers who have purchased Issue 1 and Issue 2 (or just Issue 2) already, but would like to also receive all other other Issues released in 2018. Please note the teaser image and sample spreads do not reflect the real Issue 3 or Issue 4 covers*

Fare Magazine explores the heart of city culture through food, history, and community. In Issue 1 Fare ventured to Istanbul where we delved into the bittersweet nostalgia, complex identities, imperial grandeur, and fascinating melting pot 

In Issue 2 Fare crossed into the Baltic, in an autumnal exploration of Helsinki at the base of the Vieronniemi peninsula; a city split between influences both Scandinavian and Soviet, while also abreast in its own nascent pride.

In Issues 3 and 4 expect something truly different, as Fare continues to offer contrasting dives into vastly different cities across the world, offering a glimpse of how the city comes together, and how differently it's viewed; often through the vantage of food, history, and community.

Issue 3 is scheduled for release in mid/late spring 2018, and Issue 4 will be released in early winter 2018, before the holidays. 

Specs: 170mm x 240mm, ~200 pages, lithographically printed on Arctic matt and Cyclus Offset stock; perfect bound.


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