2018 Subscription (Issues 2, 3, & 4)

2018 Subscription (Issues 2, 3, & 4)


*The 2018 subscription to Fare includes three issues featuring distinctly different cities. Please note the teaser images do not reflect the real Issues 3 & 4 cover*

Issue 2: Helsinki

Helsinki is a city at its height, where the past remains unclouded.

It is also something of an anomaly. Culturally, it is a partial amalgamate of its neighbors—and former rulers—in Sweden and Russia, but as the capital of a young and independent Finland, it is full of nascent pride and positivity. It rejoices in an entrepreneurial spirit and a belief that new projects and new legacies can be made here, even as older ones are preserved and celebrated.

While some cities in Scandinavia exude a “Nordic cool,” in Helsinki, there’s a collective nonchalance, and a widespread pragmatism. Helsinki's streets are filled with art nouveau design, with the work of celebrated Finnish modernists also very much on display. Even now designers, artists, makers, chefs, and hip-hop stars embolden the city’s claim to a vibrant lifestyle.

In Issue 2: Helsinki, prepare to explore: 

  • The sweet smells and folkloric past of a Karelian bakery
  • The island of Seurasaari, where deep in the woods you'll find a centuries-old village, restored from along Finland's eastern borders
  • The old-school gems of Helsinki's restaurant scene, institutions with classic Finnish fare and interior, unchanged in nearly a century
  • An enigmatic bar with famous patrons where Soviet-era ideals still live
  • The torikahvilat, the orange tents of Helsinki's market squares, with their famous breakfasts and apple-mash doughnuts
  • The history of the naval fortress of Suomenlinna, one of the largest in Europe, situated across the Wolf Isles

In Issue 3 & Issue 4 (TBD), Fare will look to further explore different cultures around the world, going to vastly different countries across both hemispheres and delving deep into the heart of the city as only Fare can: through food, history, and community. 

Issue 3 will release in late spring 2018, and Issue 4 will release in early winter of 2018, before the holidays. 

A note for our foreign friends: Fare ships worldwide from Berlin.